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Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst – Vol.2

Posted on February 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Sorry for being late, but my exams are coming up so i was busy studying. And patches for vol.1 will be available when i’ll release the batch.

TL: Chihiro / Harunatsu
TS: Chihiro / Harunatsu

720p 8-bit:

Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst – Vol.2 [BD 720p-AAC]

1080p 8-bit:
Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst – Vol.2 [BD 1080p-FLAC]

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18 thoughts on “Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst – Vol.2”

  • mjbartlett says:

    Sorry to Ask But when is the next volumes going to be posted.

    • Haru says:

      It's okay. And next vol. will be out around last week of this month.

    • mjbartlett says:

      Thanks did not know if asking hear was aloud or not. Every other Fansubber i have asked that question to always repsonds with ( Don't F**k**g and it will get done when it is Done.) After that 1 question they Ban me from the site by locking me out of the comment bar and forums.

    • Haru says:

      XD i know they are exactly how you described them. But i'm not like them, in fact i want to get more feedbacks from peoples. So that i can improve more ^.^ (remember i can only improve if peoples help me to review my mistakes)

  • vash says:

    great release, just wanted to offer my thanks

  • mjbartlett says:

    This is a Great Ecchi Anime to Watch. Will you be releasing a final batch or just doing the single BD release by volume. I would watch them 1 by 1 but i am not the type of person who can wait for next volume to see what happens next. i like to watch them altogether or not at all and sit impatiently counting down the days to final volume.

  • mjbartlett says:

    This is off topic for my comment but do you know anything about how to scanlate manga. I have a favorite manga of mine i am trying to find someone to help me with for a small fee that needs to be translated but every one i have ask have gave me a no we will not help you answer and i don't know who to ask now. If you are interested and want to help me let me know please.

    • Haru says:

      Well first of all, i don't have any experience in scanlating a manga, but you can ask a manga releasing group to help you with that. I'm sure they will help you.

    • mjbartlett says:

      I have asked every Scan Group on Bato.to the same Question and everyone i have asked will not help because they are either to busy with there own projects, Have exams coming up, or will not take commissioned work request at all. I have been turned away by more then 200 group in a month since i started asking for help. I had somebody from mangatraders.org i was talking to tell me how to do the scans myself but i can translate Japanese. He tells me he works as a translator for a scan group and will not help me either because the manga i am wanting to do is not something he will be interested in doing all because it's somehow Taboo since it has been licensed for awhile. Half of all manga scanned to the internet by scan groups are licensed and labeled Taboo but they do not agree to that from what i was told they fall into the Grey area since Raws are still available weekly to get and my manga has NO Raws available for more then 5 yrs so it is considered RED not Grey. I tired to tell them that's why i can buy the Physical Manga books they could uses as raws but still told me NO and F OFF. All i need is someone to translate for me and i could do the Cleaning,Re-Typesetting,Re-drawing myself but the answer is still no everywhere i have asked. Now its the same here as well so that make's 201 groups asked.

    • Haru says:

      I'm really sorry for the disappointment, but i can't help you with this one.

  • mjbartlett says:

    Do you Take Request for Anime. If so can i Request you do the Subbing for the Triage X OVA. Nobody has done it yet and it is still in BDMV format. You can find it here @ http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=762248

    • Haru says:

      Well yeah, i do take request for anime, but i can't say that i will pick up Triage X OVA for not now at least. The reason being i'm working on a lot of series right now and also working on Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst OVA and i also do have exams.

    • mjbartlett says:

      That's fine i just though i would ask since nobody else seems to be doing it. I have checked every fansubber who works on BDMV and no have the OVA in the to do project list or even there Completed list Yet and No future plans for it either that is why i asked if you could do it. I have already watched the Show from another group who put out the 10 episode BD's and though the Ending Sucked having only 10 episodes and no conclusion to the series until i found the OVA but no Subbed. I don't know why they only did 10 episodes when the Manga is still ongoing made no since to me to ever do a show for only 10 episodes if they had no plains for a second season.

    • Haru says:

      Yeah i know what you mean, but i'm really sorry. My hands are full now, i hope you know what i mean.

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