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Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst + OVA – Batch

Posted on May 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

First of all pardon me for being late. Anyway Episode 1 to 6 for 720p and 1 to 8 for 1080p got new encodes, so NO patches again. But I did changed each and everything in the script compared to my previous release of BURST, so I’d recommend you guys to have the batch version. I mean that’s what batches are for. Anyway enjoy guys (¬‿¬) .

TL: Chihiro / Harunatsu
TS: Chihiro / Harunatsu

720p 10-bit:

Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst + OVA [BD 720p-AAC]

1080p 10-bit:

Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst + OVA [BD 1080p-FLAC]

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15 thoughts on “Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst + OVA – Batch”

  • kanade su says:

    Thanks for the batch..tho gotta ask is there any major difference between v2 and the previous release? Also theres no seed atm..idk if its just me

    • Haru says:

      As Guest777, said you should've first read my post, anyway that's how it is. And I'm the only one seeding it, so it will take some time, so please be patient.

  • Guest777 says:

    @kanade Read the post. Haru already said what changed.

    Gonna wait for 1080p, anyways thanks for the batch!

  • What about "Volume 05 in 1080p" and the "1080p Batch" ???

    • Haru says:

      @Hanafi Bouchebout, first let me completely seed the 720p batch and then i'll release the 1080p batch.

    • Sorry I was a bit Hasty 🙂

    • mjbartlett says:

      @ Haru

      Thank you for the last release and batch combine with Ova. Never though you would get this done so quickly. I wish all the other Fansubbers would pull their heads out of there Asses and Get there work completed as quickly as you do. Great Job and Keep them Coming.

    • Haru says:

      XD thanks guys for supporting me ^.^.

    • mjbartlett says:

      Batch is Just Great. But my 1 question would be why is Batch a V2 and not a V1 download. I noticed from comparing the Tv release from the first minute or 2 in and your Batch that the first Episode has been shorten or Cut Scenes are Missing. Example is @ the beginning of Ep1 Tv version happens where It shows the Demon lord walking up to a pair of double doors and he opens them walking though and doors shut only to see someone sitting on his Throne and it Jin Tojo. Jin starts talking then stands up to thank the Demon Lord for attacking his Son. After that the fight starts. But in your BD release it skips all the above and goes straight to the First. Is that because the BD's cut the Scenes from final Edit or where you not aware there are scenes missing from episodes. I don't know of anymore missing parts since i only watched the first 1 min of EP1 then waited for your BD batch to start the rest.

    • mjbartlett says:

      Where it reads first Meant Fight. My Spelling Mistake. Sorry.

    • Haru says:

      TV's and BD's are different, you know.

  • mjbartlett says:

    Yes I know that but the last season did not Cut Scenes from the Blu-rays like season 2 has. did you know there where cut scenes when doing them. TV release and BD release should be the same except for 1 Big detail. Censored vs BD Uncensored. But Thanks for the Batch I enjoyed Watching it and hope to enjoyed more of the further releases.

    • Haru says:

      last season's BD's didn't cut any scenes doesn't mean this season won't cut it. And if last season's BD's is uncensored doesn't mean this season's BD's will be uncensored too, that's just how it is, you gotta check to know if it's uncensored or not. But usually Ecchi animes like this one has uncensored BD's.

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