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Posted on June 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well, lets see how should I put it……

So here is the thing CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who wants Harunatsu Fansubs to put up great and awesome shows and wants us to succeed with all of our might.

I’ll clarify the purpose of making that post, so let me put first things first. Due to my earlier announcement this month, many new members have joined us recently to do many new and great things. One of which is: Now we have our own XDCC bot (thanks to Nala_Alan for helping in setting it up), an IRC channel, 3 seed-boxes and also a great pool of talented staff.

So, now let me introduce our new staff to all of you and welcome them warmly: wellivea1, Saitama6, Z4ST1N, vil. I’d also like to ask you all to join me and help us run this Fansub group together. The precious help our new staff has given me is enabling us to release 1080p’s again.

So, I here by declare that Harunatsu Fansubs will start doing 1080p releases once again under our new and far most trusted member wellivea1. 

wellivea1 Edit :-[ Hi, everyone the staff at Harunatsu Fansubs has grown a lot recently and as such we now have a brand new XDCC bot and a seed-box! We can’t promise anything but this should mean that we can release much more often! I know we said we would stop releasing 1080p releases but I decided it was worth taking on the job myself. The next 1080p release should be Nanatsu no Taizai Vol.1. We look forward to the many many more anime seasons to come!

Hope to hear from you,

wellivea1 ]

Haru Edit :- With this now you will have two posted torrents, one from me and one from wellivea1. I’ll do the 720p release and wellivea1 will do the 1080p release

With this we conclude our announcement.

Best wishes, Haru.

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