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Kuromukuro – 01 [BD]

Posted on June 3, 2017 in BD/DVD project

We’re gonna release it as episode by episode and a batch at the end as usual.

p.s. please join us to speed things up.

TL: gg + Harunatsu
TS: Harunatsu

Timing: Haru
Edit: Andy29485
Typesetting: Haru
QC: wellivea1
Encoding : Haru

720p 10-bit BD

Kuromukuro – 01 [BD 720p-AAC][5023EC6F].mkv


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6 thoughts on “Kuromukuro – 01 [BD]”

  • Sometimes I worry you’re taking on too much work…

    • wellivea1 says:

      It’s a show that we (well, Haru) had done a long time ago, but needs to be redone since there was no staff to check the quality, etc. I agree partially though, but it’s too tempting to do airing shows, and it’s more motivating than old BD shows! haha

      • wellivea1 says:

        Personally, I died looking at the script for this (without knowing it was gg subs until I was done).

      • Ah, definitely a good idea to redo things if you can give them better quality, yes. I still haven’t gotten too far into Shinmai Burst either, Chihiro’s usual “quality” can stil be seen too well there… So if you have the staff to improve on the original translation, that’s always the way to go. I do remember from my own time in Orphan how much this was necessary for Ayako’s translation of Nagasarete Airantou as well…

        And yeah, airing shows are always more motivating, especially if you do like the show itself.

  • Tunpa says:

    Thank you so much for picking this up ;-;

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