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Eiyuu Kaitai – OVA

Posted on September 8, 2017 in BD/DVD project

Okay so here it is, it was a nice one and I really enjoyed working on this, so hope you guys will like it as well. ^_^

P.S. I’m looking for a timer for Classroom Crisis OVA, Tsugumomo and Taboo Tattoo. And I messed up the file naming for 1080p, sorry about that. But anyway, the audio is FLAC.

TL: Espronceda
Sign TL: SilverDragon and Espronceda
Song TL: Espronceda
TLC: frog
Timing: Haru
Edit: wellivea1
Typesetting: Haru
QC: Andy29485
Encoding: Haru

720p 10-bits:

Eiyuu Kaitai – OVA [BD 720p-AAC][F133CB2E].mkv

1080p 10-bits(Note: The filename says AAC, it is actually FLAC):

Eiyuu Kaitai – OVA [BD 1080p-FLAC][FC3919BB].mkv


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