Sword Art Online – Alicization – 01v2

Posted on October 15, 2018 in Airing series

I’m alive?

A special thanks to some certain people for translating the song and a sign. Also, we’re in dire need of a timer for Sword Art Online Alicization!

V2 with a new encode. A special thanks to kriNon who encoded ep 1 v2 and who will continue to encode this series till the end.

Editing: wellivea1
Typesetting: Haru
Timing: Haru
QC: ChromiumKnight
K-timing: 9vult
KFX: Kyaw Thar Swann
Encoding: kriNon

1080p 10-bit:

[Harunatsu] Sword Art Online – Alicization – 01v2 [1080p-AAC][ADA06E62].mkv

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