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Join us!


If you like anime as much as we do, and have a skill that you think would be helpful in subbing, encoding, timing, or you are just technically apt, then please don’t hesitate to apply!

Positions available and their descriptions:

  • Translator/Translation Checker – Self-explanatory. Please be at least JLPT 3.
  • Editor – Preferably a native English speaker, but if you’re competent enough, it doesn’t matter! You need to be able to take scripts of variable quality and turn them into natural, flowing English dialogue. Keeping an eye out for grammar and spelling mistakes would also be mighty nice of you.
  • Encoder – Requires the most prior experience (after translator, of course). Although most of our releases come from BDs, web streams, or HDTV transport streams, specializing in encoding older shows is also fine, as we are currently looking for an encoder with DVD experience.
  • Timer – Timing is not simply matching the subtitles to the audio. It entails making sure the viewer has time to read every line, matching start/end times with scene changes to avoid flashing, and properly accounting for clutter (such as overlapping dialogue) and other irregularities that may cause a disturbance to the viewer.
  • Typesetter – You will need to create on-screen signs that appear as if they belong there, and to respect the medium as you do so. You will also likely choose the dialogue and song styles. Experience with Mocha, proper use of blur and layers, and the ability/patience to match colors exactly are requirements. Illustrator is encouraged. We only accept .ass typesetters, not AFX. Any skilled typesetters will definitely be welcome! (Urgent need)
  • KFX/K-Timer – Adding tasteful timed effects to on-screen song lyrics, making a style for the OP and ED, and possibly styling and/or adding a light effect to insert songs.
  • Quality Checker – Your job would be to watch the final mux before release and make a log of any mistakes you find. This includes looking for script issues (incorrect grammar/spelling, errors in punctuation, etc). But you’ll also be looking for timing mistakes (scene-bleeds, appearing/disappearing too soon/late), typesetting mistakes (colors not matching the video, bad motion-tracking, timing mistakes, missing fonts) and possible video corruption.
  • Distro – If you own a XDCC bot or seedbox, and you want to host our releases on it, feel free to supply us.

If you would like to actually apply to any of these positions contact Haruhiro or wellivea1 on our IRC channel or Discord.

If you would like to be taught one of these jobs or are bad at the job you are applying for, read the applicable guide: Zastin’s Guide to Fansubbing Guides.