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The head of every operation. Likes vanishing right when people need him the most on occasion. Can handle everything except TL/TLC.
Co-leader. Runs the FTP server. He’s apparently very busy and doesn’t lead a lot of projects anymore. Distributor of our mem- I mean releases. Extremely picky about Search boxes. Does editing to ensure all our subs are crystal clear, as well as quality control so stuff like [Fox Soba] don’t get released into the wild…
Zastin [Z4ST1N]
Editor, Encoder [best in-house encoder], Timer, Typesetter, and QC. Pizza Man & Drug lord.
Coming out of hiatus
Passes by occasionally to do encoding. Infiltrates innocent fansub groups, then stalls Slow Start indefinitely. Has spent over $100 to get Illya in F/GO, walked away with 4 copies of her. Hates DVDs with a burning passion.
Does Typesetting. Worked on Ordinal Scale and Strike the Blood OVA – Valkyria no Oukoku-hen. Has a really interesting Discord Avatar.
Does QC, though he never got to do much. In his spare time, he lewds up LightArrowsEXE when no one else is around.
Seemingly our only active translator. Translated Strike the Blood III OVA. Hates Chinese words for some reason…
Will save you when you most need him. Likes to lurk. Is Filipino.
He’s a noob. Occasionally does k-timing and the like. Runs his own fansub group over at 9volt.
Haru’s American counterpart. Fansub OG. Likes furry animals. Meme peddler.
Our latest slave staff member. Graciously donated his time to redo this site.
Listens to wellivea’s complaints/nitpicks about the website. A whore for SAO. Went through timing hell for us. Slacks off other group’s projects. Bad at Chinese but can at least understand a bit.
Somehow staff even though he has never done anything. Also loves to lurk. Canadian. QC.
Dead hippie. Official weeb. TL/TLC
Does TLC and Jigoku Shoujo. That’s about it.
Our beloved grandfather. Owner of all wisdom. Provider of animu.
Future Indian Prime Minister. Haru broke his English. TS and Timing.
Semi-ded. Will revive if something piques his interest. Smells like maple syrup. QC/Edit
TL/TLC only active four months out of the year.
Sometimes exists and times things. Editor/QC/Timer
Man behind the scenes. Contraband dealer and Encoder.
Kyaw Thar Swann
Still can’t get out from F/GO hell even after 2 years and a half. Has E rank luck. Likes to laze around. Recently, he has forgotten to put away his phone before snorkeling and also gotten Musashi with a summoning ticket even though he can’t get Gramps even after using $100 but instead was spooked by 2 Stheno(s).
TLDR a FullDive Worth of F/GO Hell.

Missing In Action

The following are a list of members who haven’t been seen around for a while. They are…
Editing and QC
Missing In Action
Went on a vacation to Japan and never came back. What a lovely way to die. TL/TLC
Time Traveler
Pretends to be lost. Mysterious Indian. Editor, QC, and TLC.
on the run

Hall of the Dead

The following are a list of members who are more or less confirmed to be dead/inactive in Harunatsu Fansubs.
They may have moved on with life. We might have a chance to see them again but there are no guarantees.
We thank them for their service.
Translator and TLC
Editor and QC
      It’s a Mystery…

Missing In Action

The old list *Which Shinon hasn’t fully ported yet*

  • Haru: Everything but TL/TLC.
  • wellivea1: Distro leader, Editing and QC.
  • Ryuunosuke: Consultant and senpai <3.
  • Kaitou^: Meme peddler.
  • Z4ST1N: Editor, Encoder [best in-house encoder], Timer, Typesetter, and QC.
  • alkalinemoe: Editor, QC, and TLC. [Inactive.]
  • vil: QC.
  • SilverFang: QC and Editor. [Missing.]
  • tdm17mn: Translator, TLC, Editor, and QC.
  • Wizongod: TLC and Timer.
  • Espronceda: Translator and TLC.
  • qrious: Editing and QC. [Missing.]
  • frog: Translator and TLC.
  • Wafflesama: Editor. [Inactive.]
  • satoriseeker: TLC. [Retired.]
  • ChromiumKnight: Editor.
  • lscaan: Editor and QC.
  • Andy29485: Editor, timer and QC.
  • eltony: Editor and QC.
  • trictrac: Timer.
  • bumbaloe : QC.
  • Aelms: TLC and editor.
  • _Keeko: Typesetter.
  • ph0eniX: Editor.
  • Kazumi: Editor.
  • Redlock14: Editor.
  • Fuyuto: Editor.
  • HCN: Editor.
  • NothingMuch: TLC.
  • NineVult: Editor and QC.
  • WalkinDude: Editor and QC.
  • Rakuzo: Typesetter.
  • iORcHiD: Typesetter and Timer.